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1ks Marinated camembert with bread 4.00 €
150g Peasant meat dishes with red onion and vinegar, bread 3.00 €
100g Boiled pork knuckle with mustard, horseradish and pickles, bread 4.04 €
2ks. Dumplings with bacon, eggs and pickles 3.48 €


0,33l Bouillon: With old Bohemian dumplings, or with garlic, bacon, toasted bread and cheese 2.17 €
0,33l Soup per our the daily offer 2.17 €

Burger grill & Chips

150g "BIG BEEF BURGER" juicy beef burger with vegetable salad, spicy dressing, grilled tomato and bacon, french fries 7.65 €
300g "DOUBLE BEEF BIG BURGER" beef burgr a double portion of meat 9.83 €
150g "CHICKEN CHEESE BURGER" with fried chicken in corn flakes, vegetable salad, grilled tomato, dressing and cheese, french fries 7.65 €
300g "CHIPS MENU" french fries with tartare sauce and ketchup 3.70 €

Traditional Czech cuisine

150g "TATARÁK" Tartar beefsteak (raw) with all ingredients 7.91 €
1 ks. Roast pork knuckle with sauerkraut, mustard, horseradish and fresh a bread 11.70 €
150g Special sauerkraut pork goulash with dumplings (bacon, potato and bread) 7.48 €
150g Roasted pork with sauerkraut and dumplings (bacon, potato and bread) 7.48 €
220g Grill filet duck breasts with orange slices and cranberry sauce 9.09 €
500g Farmer grilled chicken, boned, fresh vegetables and spicy dressing 8.91 €
600g sk. Grilled spicy chicken wings with a garlic baguette 8.09 €
150g "Vyšehradský bramborák" Chicken and pork stuffed in a potato pancake with cabbage and onion 7.74 €
1000g Wiener Schnitzel MIX, from pork and chicken for larger groups, or one, with pickles and lemon 21.39 €
150g "Smažák" Fried edam cheese 4.78 €

Main menu and international cuisine

300g Grilled Lumberjack's pork steak , with blanched onions with mustard, honey and ginger 9.09 €
200g Chicken breast with bacon on lettuce with capers and cream with grilled tomato with Parmesan 7.78 €
150g Chicken skewer stuffed with bacon and cheese with tomato chutney and basil pesto 7.61 €
150g Pork Steak stuffed with blue cheese and bacon with onion, garlic and fresh rosemary 7.61 €
150g "Kuřecí Rarášci" chicken slices fried in a garlic & honey crust 6.96 €
200g Pork and chicken steak with pepper and blue cheese sauce 7.17 €
400g "Basilico pollo" pasta with chicken in a cream sauce with homemade basil pesto, garnished with parmesan 7.17 €
450g "Džuveč" baked potatoes with steamed vegetables baked with cheese and egg 6.65 €
200g Gratinated whitefish fillet of cod with vegetables, olives and fresh herbs 7.61 €
150g "Fish & Chips" whitefish fillets of cod fried in beer batter with French fries, spicy mayonnaise and tartar sauce 8.09 €

Side dishes

100g Fresh bread 0.65 €
1ks. Garlic baguette 2.57 €
200g Garlic baguette 1.70 €
200g Mashed potatoes with bacon and onion 1.96 €
4ks. Home made potatoe pancake 1.96 €
200g Beans with bacon 2.57 €


500g "Tuna Salad" mixed vegetable salad with tomato, onion, olives, basil pesto and tuna 8.09 €
500g "Chicken Salad" mixed vegetable salad with tomato, onion, spicy dressing, parmesan and chicken 7.61 €
200g "Salad" mixed vegetable salad with tomato, pepper, cucumber and onion 2.96 €
200g Cabbage salad with carrot 2.26 €


70g Tartar sauce / Spicy mayonnaise 0.87 €
70g Pepper sauce / Roquefort sauce 1.52 €


1ks. Pancakes with strawberry jam and whipped cream 2.70 €
3 kop. Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries and whipped cream 3.57 €